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Yes that’s right, sharing is one bite for you and one bite for me…

So one for me…

And one for… nah, no chance!

Sweet sweet love…

As sweet and kind as us girls are, there are just some things we DO NOT share… And cake is one of them!


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Pink and White Table

A selection of Cake, cakepops, cupcakes, and sweets

Happy Birthday Marlene

Vanilla sponge filled with Summer berry preserve and vanilla buttercream

cappuccino and walnut sponge filled with coffee ganache and milk chocolate buttercream

Strawberry’s and cream cupcakes

Lemon cakepops

Toffee cakepops

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Best spuds in town!
Ted’s Baked Potatoes in Sutton Coldfield
If like me you’re a big fan of the jacket potato, then this is the place to get one.
Vanilla sponge with Red fruit Preserve
Butterly good!

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Last day with Stella

Well here we are, what an achievement Stella, I’m so happy to have had you here with me, it’s been an absolute delight. I’m very proud of you!

On Monday I asked Stella to Design a cake for someone special, she had all week to design her cake, make the decorations, and on the last day, the cake would be made and she’d give it to that special person of her choice. She chose her mum. What a beautiful cake Stella, with a very special meaning

Superb, well done

 Stella: “Today was the best day of the whole week, getting my cake finalised was very exciting, it turned out really ell, thanks to Jo’s advise! It’s really been an amazing week that has just flown by. I’ve loved seeing Jo at work make all the cakes and I will really miss it next week! Jo, thanks so much for such an amazing week. I’ll never forget! “

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Day 4 with Stella

Here we are, Thursday already! I’ve really enjoyed having Stella with me this week and tomorrow is our last day…

Today Stella made some sugarpaste decorations for tomorrows cake, she did a great job again, she also decorated cookies with Alice

So Stella you’ve popped out some fab cake pops, made beautiful cupcakes, decorated some fab cookies and tomorrows cake will, I’m sure, be amazing! I’m very proud of you Stella

Great team work girls!

Well done, they’re beautiful!

 Stella: “Decorating cookies today with Alice was really fun and they ended up looking great! Watching Jo finish off a cake was really interesting, i have had such a great week so far and it’s going so fast! I will definetly miss it when the week is over.”

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Day 3 with Stella

Today Stella learnt how to cream a cake, she also made some sugarpaste decorations and came with me on deliveries

Great job Stella!

 Stella: ” Today learning how to cream and carve a cake was challenging at first, but i really enjoyed it. Also making decorations was so much fun, although it took up a lot of concentration, deliveries were fun too. Jo Made a jacket potato cake that was really fun, seeing Jo make it was amazing! She’s extremely talented, the cake was a work of art. It’s taught me that to be a cake maker you have to think about every little detail and have vivid imagination. “

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Day 2 with Stella

Today Stella made cupcakes and she did an amazing job!

Well done Stella they are fantastic!

She’s even teaching the future generation! My daughter had a great time making cupcakes with Stella

Great swirl!

Someone’s proud 🙂

The proof is in the pudding, enjoy girls!

 Stella: ” Today has been even greater than yesterday. Learning how to do the cupcake swirls was great, and the buttercream was yum! Meeting Alice was lovely, she’s a cute, adorable little girl! “

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