Harry Moseley

This cake is very special to me, I created it to raise money for the “Help Harry Help Others” campaign. We’ve all heard about Harry Moseley here in Birmingham. Harry was an amazing, strong, courageous and admirable young boy, who sadly had an inoperable brain tumour. Although he was very poorly himself, Harry wanted to help others, so he made bracelets to raise money for those who suffered from cancer, he sadly died last year at the age of 11. Harry was a little boy with a big heart, personality and courage.  His story has touched millions of people all around the world and over 11,000 people participated in the “Walk for Harry” earlier this month in Birmingham. The walk raised a whopping £420,000! And the bracelets are still been made and sold today and this is how I met Stella…

Stella Dryhurst is a 14 year old schoolgirl with huge compassion and a beautiful personality. She contacted me a couple of months ago asking if I could help her raise money for Harry Moseley’s charity, without hesitation I accepted. We kept in regular contact during the following weeks and I realised each day more and more how wonderful Stella is, she really put everything into raising money for Harry, working weekends and evenings making bracelets and contacting businesses like mine asking for prize donations for a raffle that was to be held at her school “ Bishop Walsh Catholic School” in Sutton Coldfield. She managed to get together an amazing list of prizes, Stella truly is an inspiration. She has raised an amazing £700 so far by selling bracelets and raffle tickets, her goal is to raise £1000. If you want to buy bracelets from Stella and help her raise more money for Harry, please send me an email and I’ll put you in touch with Stella.

I got in contact with Georgina, Harry’s Mum, who is absolutely amazing. She gave me a lovely photo of Harry which I printed onto edible paper for my cake creation, she also gave me lots of interesting details about Harry, his favourite colour was Hot Pink and his signature quote was “Make it Happen.” So armed with this information I set about creating the cake. The bottom tier representing Harry’s logo, the middle tier in Hot Pink, including Harry’s famous quote and the top tier with his photo. It was a very special cake to make and I was very honoured to be able to help Stella and the Charity.

Congratulations to Katie Gamlen who won the cake, i hope you enjoyed it!

Katie (left), me and Stella (right)


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