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Ferrero Rocher Cupcakes

My love for Ferrero Rocher chocolates, has taken a whole new direction! I’ve made it into a cupcake. 2 of my most favourite things, chocolates and cake.

The sponge is a light Bourbon Vanilla, Filled with a milk chocolate and Hazelnut ganache. Topped with a very light milk chocolate buttercream dome. I’ve then coated it with milk chocolate and caramelised Hazelnuts, to kind of look like a Ferrero Rocher, and also to give it a little crunch as the Chocolate coating will eventually set so will be crisp.

You bite into the crisp chocolate coating and caramelised hazelnuts to find underneath the soft and light milk chocolate buttercream, then the sponge and hazelnut ganache…


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Apple Crumble and Custard Cupcakes


If like me you’re a big fan of the traditional British desserts, especially crumbles, then you’ll probably like this!

These are a light vanilla sponge, filled with pieces of caramelised apple and a tangy apple compote, and topped with a vanilla custard and crumble.

Yum! So light but yet so comforting…

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Happy Birthday Paul!

A lovely lady called Diane rang me a few weeks ago to make a cake for her son Paul, as a surprise for him. Paul’s a fantastic drummer and was in a group called CGD.

Diane asked me to make his drums in 3D. I really enjoyed making this cake. The tricky part with the drums was keeping everything in balance, so i had to change a few things around.

The bottom tier is a vanilla sponge filled with red fruit and black cherry conserve and Bourbon vanilla buttercream.

The top tier is a 4 layer moist chocolate sponge filled with a light Cadbury’s milk chocolate buttercream.

Happy 21st Birthday Paul!

Paul, I Hope you enjoyed the surprise, the party and of course the cake!

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Cakes for Japan

I’m happy to say that £1155.13 was raised for Japan. My cake was sold for £70 to a Japanese lady!


Sutton Coldfield Observer 15th April 2011

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New Summer Collection Cupcakes!

Hello to all you cake lovers!

We’ve been having lovely weather lately, and it’s put me in a summery mood, well a summery baking mood! (I know it’s not summer yet… but I just can’t resist the strawberries!) And  I’ve been busy baking french fruit tarts, which i love!

So yesterday, while baking a Strawberry tart, I thought it would be a great idea for my summer cupcake collection. And here they are:

They’re fresh light, fruity and not too sweet, just what you want to eat on a summers’ day!

The sponge is a light Bourbon vanilla sponge, they are also filled with a strawberry coulis, topped with a Bourbon Vanilla Crème Patissière (a bit like Custard) and finished with a juicy fresh glazed Strawberry. YUM!

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Donation to Cakes for Japan

This Saturday 9th April I’ll donate a cake to ” Cakes for Japan” .

Some local Cake makers will be giving their time and skill by donating cakes, they’ll be sold to the public on Saturday 9th April from 10:00am. All the money will go to the British Red Cross Japan Tsunami appeal.

The event will be held in a pop up shop at The Zellig building Urban Village, Custard factory Gibb street B9 4AA.

 This is the cake I’ll be donating

This 3 Tier Cherry Blossom tree Cake is a vanilla sponge filled with a red fruit conserve and a Vanilla Bourbon Buttercream.

I chose to make a Cherry Blossom cake, as Cherry Blossom is an important symbol in Japanese life, and with its short flowering season and delicate flowers is often associated with the fragility of life, but also hope and strength.

I hope the event will have a lot of succes and will raise a maximum of money

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Todays cake

I’ve lately been making cakes that are already on the website, so haven’t had anything new to post these past couple of weeks…But here’s a new one:

 Happy 40th



This is a moist Vanilla sponge cake filled with red fruit conserve and a creamy Bourbon Vanilla Buttercream.

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